How to speed up the Internet on iPad

This is a interesting article on how to maximise your internet experience when using the iPad. It was located over at Worldwide iPad News. There is nothing worse than spending half your lesson time just trying to get all your students actually connected to the net. This is not a magic wand but it is a list of tips for setting up your procedures for the iPad so your students do not waste valuable class time. Check it out to see if it gives you quicker access.

If you like to browse the internet, the chances are that you like to do it in a timely manner. Take a look at these tips and tricks that will make web browsing on your iPad 2 a breeze.

Keeping the Bookmarks Bar visible
An often overlooked feature of the iPad is the Bookmarks Bar, which allows you to surf quickly to your favorite websites. It’s easy to miss because, by default, the bar only appears when you open a new tab and then disappears again when you go to a website. You can make it stay visible by going to Settings on your Home screen, selecting Safari and setting “Always Show Bookmarks Bar” to “ON”. You can add bookmarks to the bar by tapping the “+” sign to the left of the address bar, tapping “Add Bookmark” and then “Add to Bookmarks Bar”.

Placing bookmarks on the Home screen
You can add a bookmark for a website – a webclip – to your iPad Home screen by surfing to the page you want to bookmark in Safari, tapping the “+” sign and selecting “Add to Home Screen”. The webclip, which you can rename, is added to your Home screen and will automatically open to the area of the web page you had displayed when you bookmarked the site. Webclips are backed up by iTunes, but are not synced by either iTunes or MobileMe.

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