Happy Birthday to Mac OSX 10 years old

Believe it or not, Mac OS X is celebrating it’s birthday and turns 10 years old today. First released to the public on March 24, 2001, Mac OS X 10.0 Cheetah was a huge conceptual leap forward for the Mac platform. Unfortunately the first OS X iteration was painfully slow and largely unusable due to performance issues, and these troubles kept most Mac users on Mac OS 9 until 10.1 was released which sped things up dramatically. Things rapidly evolved from there and the rest is obviously history.


This is what the first release of Mac OS X 10 Cheetah looked like, featuring elements that are still familiar today but with a candy striped Aqua interface:


Over the course of 10 years, what started as Mac OS X Cheetah has been refined into Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, which is scheduled for release this summer and looks a bit different:


Happy Birthday to Mac OS X!

Will Mac OS X be around in another 10 years? Probably not by name, but elements of it will surely live long into Apple’s future.

Retrieved from Mac OSX Daily (http://osxdaily.com)

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